PBX Billing System

DCL PBX Billing System

DCL PBX Billing System is software system, which allows to control Siemens HiPath PBX systems. The software provides database and web interface for management and control of billing. The application saves data collected to database. It also charge phone calls due to prices and rounding for each project and phone code. You can have many clients and subscriber lines. Also the system supports project codes (PKZ).

System allows you to have connection to few phone providers and many trunks. After collecting CDR into database, it will calculate the cost of call due to provider's price. You can configure setup fee and rounding intervals for each destination. Also system supports monthly fee feature. You can charge your clients monthly. You can do it for all company or you can input monthly price for each subscriber line. The same feature you can use if the provider has subscription fee. Each channel can have its own price or you can have fixed cost for all service.
DCL PBX Billing System Hardware
DCL PBX Billing
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